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Why It’s Important to Find Your Archetypes

I was a guest writer for Lightworkers World and wrote a 2-part article on archetypes.

Click here to go to the LWW website to read article in full.

Below is the beginning

Michael Alperstein is the owner of Lightworkers World (LW), this wonderful website that you’ve been drawn to michael alperstien Archetypes PART 1   Why Its Important to Find Your Archetypesspend time on. If any of you have ever had an energy reading or coaching session with him or get his Facebook updates, you’ll know that he has an open-heart, connected to Source, and is a genuinely kind and supportive guy. But how does someone become the leader of a major progressive spiritual website? To answer that, let’s take a look at Michael’s archetypes.

Archetypes Are What Now?

Archetypes are repeated energetic patterns. They are your energetic blueprint. They are the patterns of universal behavior that motivate you. There are 100s, if not 1000s, of archetypes. Since the dawn of time there’s been “kinds of people,” which is actually archetypal energy…

click here to read full article

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