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New Review of My Archetype Work

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Check out my latest testimonial from the wonderful Dawn Bournand of www.FabulouslySuccessful.com

 As Gabrielle walked me through the Archetype process and begin pinpointing things about me and telling me things I knew deep down but had not really brought to the surface, I began to see the power of knowing my archetypes.  Gabrielle is excellent at what she does because she has a way of asking pertinent questions that bring the truth forward (often when you had never consciously realized it was your truth).  Now that I know my guiding archetypes I know where my strong points are, areas that I may need support in and areas I may just simply want to avoid.  Though there is a mystical element to archetypes, they offer practical and pertinent information for both our personal and professional life. I highly recommend working with Gabrielle, she knows her stuff and will help you discover yours!






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