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The Mystic Archetype art journal page

The Mystic art journal pageIMG_8052
As an Archetype Consultant, I help people find their 8 guiding archetypes.  With this knowledge they gain clarity on their strengths, relationships, and personal development. For more about archetypes, check out www.KnowYourArchetypes.com

Today I created a page for The Mystic archetype.  Check out those super cool wings!  IMAGINE All the interesting creations you can make with these wings!! butterflies, fairies, angels, birds, etc.

Artistcellar Stencil: Celestial
– Ink Sprays such as Dylusions
Artistcellar Stencil: Spirit
Angelina Film
She Is: Open Arms downloadable silhouette
– wire
– hot glue and gel medium

Step 1: Ink spray squirts.  I used orange and yellow to get a sunshine feel.
Step 2: Spritz with water to create a watercolor effect.
Step 3: Lay another sheet on top.  Keep the other sheet to use on another project.
Step 4: I ink sprayed purple over one of my favorite stencils, Celestial (from the Aabian Night series).  This time I used Firework spray.  They are probably my second favorite sprays after Dylusions.  Also, I cut a piece of plastic into a wave and placed it on the right side.  This will eliminate the hard straight edge of the stencil.
Step 5: Time to make the wings!  and play with fire. What? Fire?  sort of
Cut 4 lines of wire.  I used 22 gauge floral wire.  I suggest something thinner but that’s all I had.  The lines are 6 inches each.  Make a “U” with each and twist together.
Step 6: Cut 2 pieces of Angelina Film.  Each are about 3 inches long.
Sandwich the wire wing between the 2 pieces of Angelina Film and cover with parchment paper.
Step 7: Set iron to “silk” setting and iron for 20 seconds on each side. The film will adhere to each other and over the wire.
Step 8: Trim around the wing.
Step 9: WARNING!  You are responsible for the next step.  Please be super careful.  If you are under 21, please ask a parent for help.
Using either a tea candle or a heat gun, hold the wing over the heat source about 6 inches away.  The material will wrinkle and tighten.  If you hold it in one spot for a few seconds, a hole will appear.
Step 10: Turn wing to the side to get the curves of the edges.  You are finished with gorgeous iridescent wing!  Repeat the same process for 2nd wing.
Step 11: Ink spray the Spirit Stencil with black then cut in a circular shape.
Step 15: Print out the Open Arms Silhouette and cut it out.
Step 16: Time to assemble!  Glue down the dove with gel medium, then hot glue wings.  Next, use gel medium to glue down the silhouette.  Lastly, write about how you are connected to Source, what does this spiritual connection means to you, and how it guides you throughout life on a daily basis.
The Mystic art journal page
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