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Quasi-Crystals Gal

AC April 11 top

OHHHHH…I love these stencils!  I love them so much I wanted to use all 4 on one journal page.  Quasi-Crystal Gal is layered with all kinds of goodness.

AC April 11 B
Here they are!

AC April 11 collage
Step 1: Cut out a model from a fashion magazine to use as a mask.  I started out with the model in the pant suit. But when I turned her over to see what the mask would look like, there wasn’t enough detail.  So I ended up using the model in the dress because of the details of her arms.

AC April 11 F
Step 2: I knew I was going to be throwing a lot at this watercolor paper so I applied gesso and added texture by pressing on it and lifting up.

AC April 11
Step 3: Yellow paint applied with a palette knife to scrape away paint and also for texturizing.  I purposely left most of the left side of the paper untouched so there was a lot of white space for a dramatic effect.

AC April 11 collage2
Step 4:  Orange ink spray using the Quasi stencil. Then I flipped the stencil and “stamped” the page.  In the left photo, I tore paper towels and placed around the stencil edge to give it an organic edge instead of a hard straight edge from the stencil.

AC April 11 collage C
Step 5: Purple ink spray using the Fibo stencil, the angular one.
Step 6: Blue ink spray using the Infra stencil, the dotted one.

AC April 11 collage F
Step 7: Masking time.  I placed the cutout model over the areas I wanted to preserve and shield from the black ink spray.  Then I used a paint brush to dab around the edges of the model.

AC April 11 G
Step 8: I added more details using paint to dab through the Fibo stencil.

2014 April 10 067
Step 9: Added more texture with molding paste and the Penrose stencil over her arm and into the dress to integrate the piece and make it cohesive.  The contrasting white color pops.

AC April 11 H
Step 10: Final details with fine tip Sharpie pens =  Black to outline body and white to write around the body in the shadow areas. Again, a nice contrast and also a nice journaling touch.

And there she is! In all her layered glory :-)

❤ Gabrielle ❤

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