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Paris Butterfly or Papillon de Paris

paris butterfly 1

watercolor paper 140lb
Pari stencil by Artistcellar
Tim Holtz’s distress stain in broken china
Clear tar gel by Golden or String Gel by Liquitex
acrylic paints or ink sprays
Newsprint butterfly stamp by Hero Arts
black Pearl Pen

my abstract trio collage

I love most forms of art especially mixed media and found art but abstract expressionism is where IT is at for me.  My happy place and first home in the art world is in abstract act. My love affair began with Jackson Pollack and Helen Frankenthaler  and continues with current artists like Mary Ann Wakeley and Michelle Keck.  Above are 3 of my abstract paintings – Relationships, Secrets, and Dream in Color.

So when I reflected on my year living in Paris, which was just last year, the kinetic feelings of abstract expressionism welled up.  The artwork had to reflect movement, fluidity, and beautiful chaos – all that an international city holds.  Paris Butterfly or Papillon de Paris represents the floating amid all the lovely extremes.

paris butterfly 2
Step 1
Mask off a section of the watercolor paper with plastic and blue painter’s tape.  Then using the Distress Stain blot through the Paris stencil.  It’s VERY easy to use the dabber!  More cooperative than acrylic paint and a stencil brush and more controlled than ink sprays.  These little dabbers may become my new best friends.

paris butterfly 3
Step 2
Mix acrylic paint or ink spray color with string gel in a little container.  Here I’m using a yogurt top.  Yes, I hoard all kinds of lids just for times like this.  After mixing, take a palette knife and drip and dance across the paper.

paris butterfly 4
Step 3
After the strings dry (which my be a few hours), apply butterfly stamp.  Then dot outline with the Pearl Pen.  This is my first time using it.  Believe me, it makes spots and dots SO MUCH easier.  It dries with a bump so the texture is cool.  I dig it.

paris butterfly 5
Step 4
Color block in lime green with watercolor markers or pencils or sticks.
Finish with more black dots!

Merci pour la lecture, mes amis!

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