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Believe The Messages…Upcycling!

gabrielle javier-cerulli

Hello!  Today I’m sharing with you one of my favorite things to make – upcycled inspirational art.  This one is entitled Believe the Messages.  All the materials used are things that would end up in the garbage.  I get great joy in transforming “useless” items into something beautiful. That’s where the term “upcycled” comes in.  I also LOVE teaching this class because people get so creative with the materials that are available.  I’ve done this with kindergarteners, all the way up to senior citizens.

The new Pocket Stencils by Artistcellar are PeRfeCt for this project.

You can add a magnet to the back to show off on the fridge or poke a hole to hang around the house.

However, these cool little pieces of artwork are THE HARDEST to photograph due to the plastic.  But I hope you can get the idea.  Below are a few of my other ones I’ve created.

Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli upcycled art

Awesome Art Supplies Used

– BELIEVE Pocket Stencil
– Distress Stain dauber / dabber in broken china
– Plastic blister pack, such as from batteries, toys, markers, ink sprays, toy cars, dental floss, etc
– Random saved paper
– an image (the little girl is from the band She & Him)
– a word and printed tissue paper
– cardboard from a box of cereal, tissues, crackers, or whatever

June 16
I dabbed the ink through the BELIEVE stencil.  Then outlined with black thin point Sharpie.
Above shows the rest of my materials.

June 16 c
I cut the backing from a gluten-free cracker box to fit the size of blister pack.

June 16 e
Glued down the background paper which was saved from another ink spray project.  Then assembled the butterfly tissue paper and the image.  Also at the top, you’ll see a double layer of small rectangles that are glued together and glued down.  Those are for the word “BELIEVE” so it pops forward a bit giving the piece a bit of dimension.

gabrielle javier-cerulli
Glue plastic to the backing.
Glue butterfly tissue paper around the edge.

WARNING!  These are so much fun to make, they may become addictive. However, if you want to sell yours be careful because you’re using other people’s images and you could run into copyright issues.

Have fun upcycling!


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