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Hooped Owl, upcycling again

Whooo loves upcyled art?

June 23 a

Click here to see last week’s upcycled art project (which is great for the kiddos who are now on summer vacation).

Eclectic Art Supplies Used
– used cross stitch hoop, 8 inches
– raw canvas material (un-gessoed)
– cut up pieces from a painting that didn’t work out
CREATE pocket stencil
– clear gesso
– molding paste
– printed tissue paper

june 23 b
The project starts off with a (barely) used cross stitch hoop that I purchased at a resale shop for only…50 cents!  I bought it months ago not knowing what I was going to do with it.  Can anyone else related to those kinds of purchases?

june 23 c
Step 1
Cut the raw canvas to fit hoop.  I used a light weight canvas that I bought from an art supply store.  I think fabric stores also carry different weights of canvas.  This is un-gessoed canvas.

June 23 f
Step 2
Mixed media artists save everything!  I cut up a painting last year and kept the pieces, just in case I needed it in the future.  I took one of the pieces and created an owl on it.  First I applied white gesso on the parts I need to paint over to create the wings, eyes, and tuft.
june 23 e
Step 3
Applied clear gesso to a small piece of canvas where the word “Create” will go.  I let this dry for several hours.

june 23 d
Step 4
Mixed cobalt blue with molding paste and applied through the CREATE pocket stencil (yes, I’m still digging these pocket stencils!).  I let it dry for half a day.

june 23 g
Step 5
Glued the lovely tissue paper to look like a branch with heavy gel medium.  Then sewed on the CREATE piece.

June 23 a
Last Step — put canvas through hoop and then glue on owl with heavy gel medium.  I might add some talons using a black marker.

I think he is super cute!


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