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Off The Canvas Gal

More upcycling!

june 30 m

Lynn K’s stencils are here and so much fun!  They’re great for eye-catching bold textures.
To celebrate the new release, there will be a blog hop all week.  Check out the links below and you might win a free set of stencils!  Gooaaaalllll!  (wait, that’s World Cup talk…sorry! I’ve been following the games a bit too closely.)

June 28th – Lisa Cousineau – www.artistcellar.com/wp
June 29th – Melanie Testa  – http://melanietesta.com/blog
June 30th – Lisa Chin – somethingcleveraboutnothing.blogspot.com
July 1st – Jen Osborn – http://identityseven.typepad.com/themessynest/
July 2nd – Deborah Boschert – http://deborahsjournal.blogspot.com/
July 3rd – Kristin LaFlamme – http://kristinlaflamme.com/musings
July 4th – Ingrid Dijkers – http://ingriddijkers.blogspot.com/
July 5th – Guadalupe Cabal – http://guadasartplace.blogspot.com/
July 6th – Lynn Krawczyk – http://smudgedtextilesstudio.com/blog/

So on to this week’s tutorial with Off The Canvas Gal

Awesome Art Supplies Used
11 x 15 watercolor paper
Lynn K Stencils = Commas, Xs, and Os
Luminarte Silk Arcylic glaze in pink azalea
Viva Decor Inka Gold paint in steel blue
yellow craft paint
Montana marker in shock pink
old painted canvas and wood picture frame

June 30 a
Step 1
I started off with a rough sketch.  Yes, I still use the guidelines when drawing faces.

June 30 collage
Step 2  Adding color with stencil fun
After washing the hair in an apple green, I used Lynn K’s Xs stencil with the Silk pink azalea.  Next, Os stencil with yellow paint mixed with molding paste.

WARNING!  Wash your stencil immediately after using molding paste because it will take forever to clean if it dries on the stencil.

Then I used the Commas stencil with the Inka Gold in blue.  Lastly, outlined the hair in shock pink with 15mm paint marker by Montana.

june 30 g
Step 3  After everything was dry, I painted in the face and applied gesso.  Then used the Os stencil again with yellow paint mixed with molding paste on top of the gesso.  I wanted the circles to stand out.

June 30 collage 2
Step 4
I wanted the piece to be sculptural.  So I upcycled an old canvas that didn’t work out years ago. (yes, years ago…I’ve said it before…mixed media artists hold on to supplies and may possibly be functioning hoarders)  Click here for two other upcycled art projects: Hooped Owl with a cross stitch hoop and Inspirational Art using blister packs.

I used heavy gel to glue the picture frame onto the gal and onto the canvas.  See how it pops the gal off the canvas?  Pretty cool effect.

Ok, I hope you enjoyed it. I think I need to go work on her eyes a bit more.
ta ta for now!

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