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Air Plant’s Unique Vase

Air Plant’s Unique vase

JUly 14 m

I think air plants are the new ukuleles – small, cute and trendy – and I’m on the bandwagon. So this week I incorporated one in my art work. However, the final outcome was not my intention. I wanted to go minimalist, almost “Zen garden” style. Didn’t happen. Instead, what I do with colors and textures in all my artwork is what Tom Robbins does with metaphors… uses a lot of them. (Any Tom Robbins fans out there? I’m reading his new book, Tibetan Peach Pie. His book Jitterbug Perfume is one of my faves. Shout out to Still Life with Woodpecker and Another Roadside Attraction.)

Supplies Used
Square rose from artistcellar’s sacred geometry series
Cursive alphabet by crafters workshop
Circle explosion by crafters workshop
Dylusions spray ink in crushed grape
Silks Arcylic Glaze in pink azalea and key lime
wood box
air plant (the one I used is caput medusae)

July 14 a
Step 1
I made a hole with a 1.5 inch circular drill bit into the box.

July 14 b
Step 2
I used the square rose stencil first with the spray because I wanted that speckled look that only spray can produce. Then I added the glaze in the center.

Step 3 & 4
I used circle explosion stencil with Silk Glaze in green and glued the lace/rope around the hole with heavy gel.

July 14 dStep 4
Using black paint and the cursive stencil, I balanced the composition. Then inserted the plant into a tiny saki cup inside the box.

July 14 z

Wood boxes are fun.  Air plants are fun. Stencils are fun.  Paints are fun.  The list could go on and on and on and on and on…

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