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Are You The Pioneer, The Adventurer?

july 21 f
The Pioneer archetype is all about being independent, doing “it” her way, trying something new, exploring, and being adventurous.
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Awesome Art Supplies used
Chris Cozen Tumbling Pods stencil
Dylusions Letter Jumble stencil
TCW mini tile texture stencil
Dylusions white linen ink spray
magazine pages
letter stickers
acrylic paints

July 21 a
Step 1
Painted watercolor paper gray by mixing black and white since I don’t have gray.  (But I might buy some since I’m using it more and more in my artwork.)  Then striped the tumbling pods stencil.  This stencil is cool because it’s airy and puffy.

July 21 b
Step 2
To ground the mountain, I applied the mini tile texture stencil in dark yellow and dark gray.

July 21 c
Step 3
The upper right side needed some attention so I added the letter jumble stencil with the white lined ink spray.  It’s backwards.

July 21 eStep 4
The independent, adventurous gal was created by cutting out shapes from a magazine.

july 21 g
Step 5
Added letters and shadowing.  If you look closely the sticker letters are maps.  VERY cool! I think I picked these up at Micheals.

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote:

Do not where the path may lead,
Go instead where there is no path
and leave a trail.

If this quote resonates with you…YOU might just have The Pioneer archetypal energy!

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