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Oganized Stencils Make Me Happy

march 15 d

I’m asking a very important question – HOW DO YOU ORGANIZE YOUR STENCILS?   I’ve tried a few different ways…
1. keeping them in their packaging
2. piling them on top of each other in a drawer
3. putting them in binders inside protective sleeves
The problem with keeping them in their packaging was too time-consuming to get them out and get them back in. The problem with laying them flat is they get all tangled and the fragile details get ruined.  The problem with the binder idea was that I like seeing them out and flipping through binders was time-consuming.

So it dawned on my that they needed to hang out where I can see them in all their glory!

First I draped 2 lanyards from the potting bench I use to hold art supplies.  The lanyards were bought from Home Depot or Lowes.  Then I hung a thing metal rod.  Again, purchased from the home improvement store.

august 18 f
I adhered these plastic hanging hooks from the stencils.  Some on the corners, some in the center border.

august 18 e

I went from this mess on the left to organized heaven on the right.

PLEASE share how you organize your stencils! I and everyone else thank you in advance!

Click here for stencils!
Some of the stencils are:
-Loved by Tamara Laporte (willowing)
-The gear looking one is Apparatus
-Sri Yantra and Tree of Life from sacred geometry series
-Paris 8.5x11inches
-Gera and Bird by Jill K. Berry


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