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Paper Balloons (use up all those extras!

july 28 g
This week I share a quick, fun way to use those extra stenciled papers that we all have and save because they are so gorgeous.  These would be fun on gifts, covering a window or a doorway, and hanging off a tree!

I described this folded method with just 3 sheets in my very first post for Artistcellar back in February for Valentine’s Day.  Click here to check it out.

Funky art pages created using these stencils
Spirit stencil, part of Artistcellar’s sacred heart series
Os Stencil
Celestial stencil (I use this a lot)
Ink sprays – all kinds of colors
july 28 j
Step 1 – Grab those gorgeous papers waiting to be used!

july 28 h
Step 2 – I used something around the house to draw 6 perfect circles on the back of the papers.  Then cut out the circles and fold in half.

july 28 k
Step 3 – I glued the sides together to form the ball and a string in the center.

July 28 y
Step 4 – I sewed a few embellishments that have special meaning to me. The key from a diary I kept as a tween, the peace sign from my mother-in-law, and the silver parachutey-looking thingy from an earring I bought in India but lost it’s partner years ago.

Have fun making these lovely, colorful paper balls.  Ohhh…what if you strung a whole bunch together like a banner?

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