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Art journal page with cocktail napkins

sept 8 g

Have you worked with fun, bright, colorful cocktail napkins or tissue paper before?  I’d love to hear if you’re a fan or not.

Artrageous Art Supplies Used
Infra stencil
Tumbling Pods stencil by Chris Cozen
Art Journal book
mini spatula
molding paste
cocktail napkins

sept 8 a
Step 1
Napkins are three-ply so I peeled off the top layer with the design on it.

sept 8 collage
Step 2
I glued down the cocktail napkins and brown tissue paper using Golden’s gel medium and a cut-up credit card because it helps eliminate bubbles.  It’s quite frustrating to start painting over top and the napkin rips.  Then I hit it with a heat gun to dry it thoroughly and faster.

sept 8 d
Step 3
I painted the center of the page an apple green and did a little doodling and a little drawing. I rarely do faces but this journal page was asking for it.  My faces often have the one serene closed eye and the one opened, excited flower eye.

Next I added the Tumbling Pods stencil with a thick acrylic paint and mini spatula.  You don’t have to use a heavy body but don’t try with craft paint.  It will be too liquidy.  Well, I think it would be too liquidy.

sept 8 e
Step 4
Added a little more texture with the Infra stencil and molding paste.

sept 8 h
She looks like she has a boa of tumbling pods and happy thoughts dotting her brain.

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