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Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli, M.A.  holds a Master’s degree in expressive arts therapy/mental health counseling and..

She is:

– an artist of mixed media and art journaler work with lots of colors and abstract flow

– an archetype consultant to help others discover themselves on an energetic level so they can gain confidence in their life, career, and relationship choices

– author of the new, exciting, unique book, Art Journal Your Archetypes, which will be published by F&W Media North Light Books and the book No Ordinary Woman: Tips for Conscious, Creative, and Healthy Living, a fun book with great advice

-creator of Archetypes4U app which is available for your iPhone and iPad for 99 cents (note: the company is I worked with is longer in existence and the developers are holding my app and not letting me have it. It’s an on going issue)

Gabrielle uses the creative process to help others exercise their Creative Self, and gain clarity, direction, and be wowed by some self-discovery.  A few of her classes include Art Journal Your Archetypes, Art Journaling, Junk Journals, Create Your Vision Board, Sandtray Creations, and Upcycled Inspirational Art.

She believes in and has witnessed how simply engaging in almost any kind of art-making can bring about answers, clues, and healing.  In the past she has worked with adolescent girls in a lockup detention center, women with cancer, women with high-risk pregnancies, teens in crisis at a residential center, and with blind children.  Gabrielle also has her Drum Facilitation Certification from Remo HealthRhythms.

In 2015 she spake at TEDxFlour City in Rochester, NY  Using Your Guiding Archetypes to answer “Who Am I?”

In 2014 she was a member of the Design Team for www.Artistcellar.com

Through her work as an archetype consultant, she has witness her clients have major breakthroughs and gain much relief in finding out who they really are.

Prior to graduate school, she was the Director of Communications for an arts advocacy organization in Chicago.