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Book Giveaway and the big move

Hello! I know, I know. I am embarrassed how long I ‘ve been gone but BUT, I have a really good excuse. I had a big move from Rochester, NY to Madison, WI. It took all my energy and focus. So now the dust is beginning to settle and I’ m back with so much news!

Let ‘s start with MY NEW BOOK! Two years of working on it and it’ s here for you to learn some fresh art journaling techniques

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The Rebel archetype in a song, Renegades by X Ambassadors

Here ‘s a great example of archetypes everywhere!    The song highlights the essence of The Rebel – independent thinking, “running free,” not following the mainstream.  Also sometimes called The Renegade.  The song is originally by the X Ambassadors, but enjoy the cover by Nelly and Tedo.

*The orange text defines bits of The Rebel.

Run away-ay with me
Lost souls in revelry
Running wild and running free
Two kids, you and meAnd I said hey
Hey, hey, hey
Living like we’ re renegades
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Living like we ‘re renegades
Renegades, renegades

Long live the pioneers
Rebels and mutineers
Go forth and have no fear
Come close and lend an ear

So, all hail the underdogs
All hail the new kids
All hail the outlaws
Spielbergs and Kubricks

It’ s our time to make a move
It ‘s our time to make amends
It’ s our time to break the rules
Let ‘s begin…

And I said hey
Hey, hey, hey
Living like we’

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