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What’s up?

Hi, I just had to share that I ‘ve started facilitating art classes at independent living centers with Young at heArt.  It’ s so much fun!  The seniors are quite experiential.
Tonight I’m facilitating another art-making workshop with survivors of domestic abuse. 

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Both Hands Busy

Both Hands Are Busy

I ‘m juggling a lot at this moment but am very happy and grateful for it all!
I usually am all about the warm colors so a little surprised by the all the cool colors in this art journal page.
Top left swirly image was created with StencilGirl’ s Unconnected Circle

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First Art Journal Page of 2015

Confession:  I am awful at blogging.  But I desperately need to.  So one of my goals for the new year is to update consistently.  So how I ‘ve assisted myself in this endeavor is to not get so worked up about the writing part.

First Art Journal page of 2015

She holds the magical world with her arm leaning on her hip.  She’ s majestic. 

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