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Happy Customers

Gabrielle’s archetype session is invaluable! I have seen therapist after therapist for years searching to better understand myself, my motives, and guiding influences. Gabrielle has provided me with crucial information to further understand myself that has not only helped me see my true self but also love my true self. In many ways, having a better grasp of who I really am has unblocked me from moving forward in my life. It’s an incredible feeling knowing that each archetype plays an important role in my life that is meant, without shame, to be embraced. Thank you Gabrielle for such a wonderful experience that has liberated and empowerment me!

Elizabeth Noriega, https://www.styleseat.com/elizabethnoriega

Gabrielle helps you realize your full potential through finding your core archetypes. Our session was fun, lively, helpful and profound. One of the most life-changing things is learning which archetypes are NOT part of your blueprint. That information can change your reality, take tons of pressure off you, and return you to a grounded sense of self you thought was lost.

Michael Alperstein of Lightworkers World, http://www.lightworkersworld.com/

I had my session with Gabrielle regarding my Archetypes. She not only pinned me down to a T, she helped me understand all the Archetypes. This has helped me so much with my work and it has opened my eyes to a better learning on why certain people handle situations the way they do. For all of you ladies out there who have those husbands who are quite different then you, there's a reason! I learned my husband is a Hermit. Now that I understand that, things are smoother. :) I highly suggest getting yours done too!

Savana Fast, Community and Client Director

The workshop, ‘Know Your Archetypes’ led by Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli was both insightful and enlightening. It gave me insight into my energetic blueprint, if you will, to reveal my life path and purpose. I was met with some surprises as I discovered my 8 archetypes and how this information can enhance my communication at work and at home. Gabrielle was able to show how our archetypes are connected to our level of vibrancy and healing and how understanding them will help to make each of us a better person. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants a better understanding of their inner-self, talents and hidden gifts.

Ann Maynard, Maynard HR Consulting

It is an absolute pleasure working with Gabrielle. Her process of identifying my archetypes was easy and fun. Knowing what my archetypes are has helped me to identify my strengths and how I can best contribute to my business. This knowledge has also assured me that I am following the proper path in life and helped to explain certain behaviors and choices I have made and will make in the future.

Natalie Ledwell, Founder and President of Mindmovies

I found this time with Gabrielle so valuable. I learned a lot about what makes me tick and THRIVE. I subconsciously knew some of this without putting into words, but this time with Gabrielle allowed me to have a concrete definition of what I was feeling already. I will use this in my life going forward, personally and professionally. Thanks a ton! John

John Weiss, Medical Qigong Therapist in Vancouver Canada

Doing my archetypes with Gabrielle was fun and enlightening. Some made obvious sense and a couple made me pause. Am I a "princess"?! To overcome the not-so-positive connotations I had held in my mind was freeing. I AM a Princess! It is freeing to become aware of one's archetypes and to embrace them. I am indeed a writer, performer, lover, comedian, mentor and liberator. Who I am helps me help others fully express who they are. As a writer/speaker/coach, I mentor others to live their joy, in their writing and their everyday life. My archetypes show up in all that I do. Thanks, Gabrielle!

Kelly Epperson, Birth That Book

I must admit that I thought having my Archetypes done was a bit like astrology is for me, fun to dabble in but nothing too serious or life changing. That was before my session with Gabrielle. As Gabrielle walked me through the Archetype process and begin pinpointing things about me and telling me things I knew deep down but had not really brought to the surface, I began to see the power of knowing my archetypes. Gabrielle is excellent at what she does because she has a way of asking pertinent questions that bring the truth forward (often when you had never consciously realized it was your truth). Now that I know my guiding archetypes I know where my strong points are, areas that I may need support in and areas I may just simply want to avoid. Though there is a mystical element to archetypes, they offer practical and pertinent information for both our personal and professional life. I highly recommend working with Gabrielle, she knows her stuff and will help you discover yours!

Dawn Bournand, www.fabulouslysuccessful.com

I was blown away at how quickly Gabrielle could drill down into the inner workings of what drives me. She really helped me better understand myself and gave me the tools to look at myself in a new perspective. Highly recommend! Even more valuable than I expected!

Will Mitchell, StartUpBros

Gabrielle's work is inspiring and helps us to focus in our gifts and strengths. Writing a mission statement following our session together helped me answer my question about "What's next?" in my career. The benefits continue to unfold as I go deeper in my understanding of what archetypes are assisting me at this moment in time. Thank you, Gabrielle! I have passed your name along to many of my clients!

Diantha Harris, Life Potentials

Before working with Gabrielle, I had no idea what an archetype is, let alone how it could help me in my life. By the end of one session, she had helped me identify my core 8 and understand why they are important past, present and future. Come willing to participate - she will help and guide you, but you must be ready to put the work in too, she is not going to tell you who you are, but help you discover it. I have more clarity than I have ever had. I honestly think everyone should do this!

Kristin Hodnett, Quest for Thinner Peace

We three friends call ourselves Soul Sisters. We meet weekly (almost always!) and talk about our personal growth and transformations as well as solve the world's problems. We chose to work with Gabrielle together in identifying our Archetypes. As each of us had our turn and selected our types, we received insights and input from each other and how they experienced us. This loving interaction really helped to highlight our archetypes, even when one or two were aha's for us. Acknowledging the talents and uniqueness in each other was a gift - and having the Archetypes associated made it tangible.

The ABC Gang (a.k.a. Soul Sisters Aimee, Barb, Carla)