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Know Your Archetypes

You’re about to unveil a new layer of yourself


Ever wonder…

  • Who Am I?
  • What am I meant to do with my skills?
  • What’s my life’s purpose?
  • Why can’t I make decisions with confidence?
  • Why didn’t that last relationship work out?


Knowing your archetypes will answer these questions and more.
Archetypes are universal repeated energy patterns.  There are 100s if not 1000s of different archetypes.  Some have been with us since the beginning of time like the Healer and some are new like the Computer Whiz.  They are part of us and they act as our guides.

Are you a Healer? Hedonist? Eternal Child? Queen?
And what does it mean if you are?






Katie Humphrey is a Health and Empowerment Coach and author of Freedom from PCOS.


Chelsea from New York says….Prior to knowing anything about archetypes, I felt ‘lost’. As I went through the process of determining my eight archetypes I could feel the wheels starting to turn and began to understand who I am as an individual. Never before could I describe myself using the eight archetypes I discovered, yet all eight suited me so perfectly. After working with Gabrielle I felt deeply inspired to follow through with my archetypes in order to make the most of my life. Knowing my eight archetypes has helped solidify my reason for being. I feel a greater sense of my self and my purpose in the world.

 Shamoun on yellow


Imagine what life will be like once you know yours. 

You will be able to answer the question each of us has asked at some time or another, “Who Am I?”

From Jennifer, Marketing Representative…..Taking the archetype class was very illuminating for me on a myriad of levels. I received explanations why i behaved in certain ways based on the archetype features and feel more centered as a result of their identification. Having specific insight into ones self can only be to our betterment because it gives us an understanding of the tools we are working with. The most surprising benefit that i received was the identification of what needs were being unfulfilled. This feature explained my moodiness and dissatisfaction in certain ways based on what segments of self were currently not being fulfilled. I am now taking the steps to be more rounded in my life, making sure to focus on all my archetypes on some level. And of course there is the added benefit of accepting what you are not-so you can focus your energy productively and satisfactorily elsewhere. Im so pleased that i gave myself this gift!










Luis is a Field Manager and also a published Poet.  His book, Vida Amor Muerte (Life Love Death),  can be found here.

How do I know this information will make a HUGE difference in your life?
Because I’ve been in your shoes!

I first learned about archetypes as an undergraduate.  My interest deepened while in graduate school for expressive arts therapy.  Then a gazillion years ago, I was at a career crossroads.  I didn’t want to go down the traditional, safer route of becoming a  licensed therapist using the expressive arts modality.  It made sense to pursue this path because I would get on insurance boards and organizations prefer hiring licensed people.  But the energetic alignment didn’t feel right.

I then got my archetypes done.  The biggest Aha! for me was learning that I was not The Healer, which a therapist would fall under.  Instead, I have The Liberator, which is more about empowering others than being curative.  Know this information validated my decisions and I haven’t looked back.

Since then I’ve relied on my guiding archetypes consistently…like on a weekly basis.  I’ve turned down projects and collaborations because I look at my archetypes on my office wall and am empowered to know which direction I should be going in.

Here’s another example.  My book,  No Ordinary Woman: Tips for Conscious, Creative, and Healthy Living was self-published in December 2011 after a snafu with the original publisher.  Being an author was never on my vision boards, never came up during journaling or visualizations.  So I am still surprised that I have a book under my belt.  But understanding a few of my archetypal guides explains my thought process and motives behind it.

My Creative/Artist  – is forever creating something new.  This was a new endeavor of self-expression.

My Pioneer – is always attracted to or finding ways to do something new and different.  I’ve never written a book so the challenge was accepted.  Also, self-publishing is a DIY act and that is all about the pioneering spirit.

My Networker – looks for ways to connect with people and what better way then sharing information that could really help improve someone’s life.  Also I was able to connect with some of the fabulous, inspiring women highlighted in the book to coordinate the book launch online party.

My Liberator – deeply wishes to free others and myself from negative self-talk and limiting beliefs.

Now it is YOUR turn!

It’s time to get clear about who you really are (and who you really are not.  It’s your turn to understand those inner nudges and whispers.  It’s your turn to understand your relationships better and to live authentically, with purpose, and with clarity.

Ann of Maynard HR Consulting says….The workshop, ‘Know Your Archetypes’ led by Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli was both insightful and enlightening. It gave me insight into my energetic blueprint, if you will, to reveal my life path and purpose.

I was met with some surprises as I discovered my 8 archetypes and how this information can enhance my communication at work and at home. Gabrielle was able to show how our archetypes are connected to our level of vibrancy and healing and how understanding them will help to make each of us a better person.
I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants a better understanding of their inner-self, talents and hidden gifts.










Natalie Ledwell is the Co-Creator of Mind Movies, which empowers people to live their dreams through visualization.


A few Aha! Moments from my clients:


“Now I understand why I need my space! My Hermit needs solitude often. Now I have words to describe this to my boyfriend who thinks I just push him away because I’m not into the relationship any more. ”
“Now I know why I couldn’t marry my ex-boyfriend. He was a Prince. But now that I’ve found my Knight, I’m getting married soon.”
“Because of my Scribe, I am always seeking research projects.”
“My Mother self is so strong these days that’s why I choose not to work full-time right now. Not because I’m lazy but because I want to be home for the kids. They won’t be this little very long.”

What kind of results can you expect when completing the program?

  • You’ll gain clarity of your purpose, needs, and desires
  • You’ll have a new sense of direction
  • You’ll make decisions with confidence
  • You’ll have a better understanding of how you operate in relationships and what you need out of them
  • You’ll shed roles that are not you and Stop trying to be someone you’re not
  • You’ll feel empowered by knowing your passions

gabrielle javier-cerulli

Everybody is a genius.
But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

What A.E. is talking about here is exactly the info you can get from either working with me one-on-one or from the digital course.  You will know yourself wholly therefore you will live in confidence with what your talents are.  If you’re a fish you will now swim with volition and stop trying to climb that damn tree which frustrates the heck out of you.  (For those of you witty ones out there saying, “Well, what about the mudskipper?” Your archetype may be Comedian or Teacher!)









Rachel is a Homemaker.


Let’s do it!  You have a choice of a live session with me or an online, self-paced class.

KYA Live session
KYA Digital Course

Why should you trust me and work with me?  For starters, I’ve facilitated hundreds of sessions ].  Check out the testimonials on the website and I can even email more to you.  Having a Master’s degree in expressive arts therapy means I’ve been trained to help people and provide a safe and sacred space during the sessions.  Also I have gone through similar sessions many years ago when finding my own archetypes.  So again I have been in your shoes.  Lastly, I am The Liberator and can ROCK a session like nobody’s business.  Seriously, at the end I do a “reading” of your archetypes and you will feel validated, understood, and empowered!

After finding your 8 guiding archetypes we will review how these fit into your life right now.  How knowing this information explains your relationship, career, and life purpose.

A session is approximately 90 minutes long.  Please plan accordingly and also make sure it is uninterrupted time.

After purchasing, you will soon receive an email about scheduling a session.  Please know you may be able to get in this week or it may be a couple weeks.

Are you ready to get to know yourself better and have a greater understanding of your gifts?

Are you ready to understand how you are in relationships and what you need in them as well?

If so, let’s do it!

This life-changing LIVE session is only  $149!  Or the Online Digital Class is only $58.

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When planning your session, remember that the session times are in Eastern Standard Time/New York.  After you pay, you will receive an email for you to schedule your appointment.  If none of the available times work with your schedule, please email me so we can figure out a time together KnowYourArchetypes @ gmail dot com.

These example may help.

If it’s 1:00pm in New York, then it’s…

New York 1:00pm (13:00)
Chicago  12:00pm
San Diego  10:00am
Sydney, Australia 3:00am
New Delhi 10:30pm (22:30)
Paris  7:00pm (19:00)
London 6:00pm (18:00)


If it’s 3:00am in New York, then it’s…

New York 3:00am
Chicago  2:00am
San Diego  12:00am (0:00 midnight)
Sydney, Australia 5:00pm (17:00)
New Delhi 12:30pm
Paris  9:00am
London  8:00am

You can also you this website for planning: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html

Any questions?  email KnowYourArchetypes at gmail dot com


I was featured in Rochester Magazine for my archetype work! Yay!