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Lightworkers Know Your Archetypes Webinar

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You will be taken to the Learn It Live website.  Register for the class on that site. If you can’t make the live event, still sign up so you can listen to the recording which is available only for 5 days after the webinar.

FREE WEBINAR: Lightworkers Know Your Archeytpes

You are:
a lightworker, connected, sensitive, and a helper.  But what else are you?

Are you The Rebel, The Warrior, The King/Queen, The Detective, or The Alchemist?  Find out your archetypes!  Find out your gifts and strengths.

Tuesday, June 25
5:00pm eastern / 2:00 pacific
about an hour long

Webinar recording available until June 30

What will you learn?

  • Your Guiding Archetypes and why it’s important information for your life, relationships, career, and life purpose
  • The archetypes of Lightworkers World co-owner, Michael Alperstein
  • 2 Live Guests – Diantha Harris of Life Potentials and CJ Martes of The Angel Connection

michael alperstien diantha harris cj martes

Click Here to Register for Webinar