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Vision Boards

Create Your Vision Board at Home ebook is available at the bottom of the page. Vision Boards are a simple but powerful tool for gaining clarity in your life and getting what you want. You wouldn’t drive a long distance without a map, would you? A vision board is a visual map for your life’s journey.

Vision Boards are getting a lot of attention these days.  However, expressive arts therapist and art therapists have been using them for a long time in their sessions.

They’re also called creativity collages, treasure maps, or life collages, and can be created in workshops and individual sessions, either online or at my studio.

Vision Boards are a simple but powerful tool for gaining clarity in your life and getting what you want. You wouldn’t drive a long distance without a map, would you?  A vision board is a visual map for your life’s journey.

What happens during the workshop?
First, you get clear about all the things you want in life – career success, a house, a baby, romantic love, to lose weight, or whatever they may be.

Vision Board Actor1
Vision Board created by actor Donovan Keith who lives in Los Angeles. 
Check out his blog here.

Then the fun part – gathering images!  You choose images that resonate with you and your desires.  You won’t believe how remarkably relaxing and enjoyable it is to rifle through boxes of pictures and to rip out pictures from magazines!

Next, you sort and adhere the images to a poster board and then add any embellishments you wish. But first you will glue a photo of yourself in the middle of the board.  This is to make a statement to yourself that these are your wishes and desires –  not your spouse’s, kid’s, parent’s, or society’s.  These are the things you want to manifest.

This Vision Board was created byartist Serena Lewis of Australia.Vision Board
Check out Serena’s blog here.
Click on the picture for a larger view so you can see the details.

Lastly, if time permits, you will reflect about the process and the items on your board by doing a writing exercise.

Once your Board is home with you, place it somewhere where you can refer to it occasionally or every day.  Just like the map for your long distance trip, you wouldn’t just look at it once and then put it in the trunk of your car.
You have to review it often to make sure you’re on track and to get those images in your conscious and unconscious minds.

Will everything on your Vision Board come true?
It may.  It may not.  But at least you have established the intentions by visualizing your perfect life.

I have created several vision boards for my own life and found many of the items have come to fruition. The process of visually organizing your life like this is very satisfying. I’ve also enjoyed witnessing the “aha!” moments of others.

After taking this workshop, you may even be so inspired to create a joint one with your family or your partner!


EBOOK – Create Your Vision Board at Home: Learn to clarify your needs, desires, and goals using your creativity



Available now! Get Your Copy! This is my 3+ hour Vision Board Workshop Now as an Ebook!

      Vision Boards are personal life maps that are created using simple supplies and your intuition. Your life can change, improve, be enhanced with positive intention and certain clarity.
      Vision Boards are the big visual reminder that will help you:
  1. clarify your wants, needs, desires, fantasies, and goals so you feel more in control of your life and less lost, overwhelmed, anxious, bored, or melancholy
  2. make the proper decisions throughout the year (like a mini life coach)
  3. illuminate what’s important to you and helps you prioritize

After you create something with your own hands and heart, it’s more powerful to you. The momentum has begun. Plus it is SO MUCH FUN!

What images would be on your Vision Board? Ones about your perfect career, redoing your basement, having a children, improving your marriage, losing 15 pounds, taking a trip?

What you get:

-A step by step guide with detailed descriptions of how to create a Vision Board and why it is so useful

-Over 150 reflection questions covering your 10 Life Areas such as Finances, Life Purpose, Family, etc. These reflection questions guide you to make the most personal and honest Vision Board. As a trained Expressive Arts Therapist, I carefully crafted these questions so they are thorough and review your life in a gentle way.

– 17 ideas for “Focused Vision Boards” after your first is created

BONUS!! You’ll receive 75 images to jump start the process! Yes, 75 randomly selected pre-cut images that you can use if you wish! Receiving these in t he mail may help you save time and money since you won’t have to buy or search for additional magazines.

Create Your Vision Board at Home ebook

My 3+ hour workshops usually cost between $60 – $100 per person. But for only $17.99 you can complete your own Vision Board in the comfort of your home!

After you make your purchase, you’ll receive your ebook within a day. The ebook is in the form of a PDF document. If you have any trouble opening the PDF, please contact me at gabrielle at TheExpressiveArtsCoach dot com. Then in about a week, you’ll receive your 75 images by priority mail.

If you would like to order 10 or more copies for your clients, workshops participants, give as presents or as thank you gifts, please contact me for a discounted price.

Email: gabrielle at TheExpressiveArtsCoach dot com

Please note: This is an expressive arts exercise and I do not guarantee any specific results from creating a Vision Board. Please read the disclaimer on the first page of your ebook.


By the Way…
Did you watch the video? If so, do you find the fake background as humorous as I do? If you look really close on the VB, there’s a “hole” where you can see the trees in the background. For those new to video like me…you’re not suppose to wear the color green or hold anything green because of the green screen that you’re filming in front of. What happens is the background image gets picked up where the green is. Thus, I have a “hole” in the board! Lesson learned.