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No Ordinary Woman Book

No Ordinary Woman: Tips for Conscious, Creative, and Healthy Living

What’s the book about?

No Ordinary Woman is a book for and about women who question and want answers.
Are you passionate about being awake and aware in your life?
Are you seeking answers to know yourself better and know your life’s purpose?
Do you need new ideas for creative self-expression?
Do you care about your health and want to know alternative, holistic approaches?
If so, this book will give you answers!

[testimonial author=”Lori from Maryland” image=”http://www.gabriellejaviercerulli.com/wp-content/themes/directorypress/thumbs//Lori-yakim.jpg”] No Ordinary Woman has some great ideas to help the busy mom find ways to stay grounded, find time to spark her creativity and not loose herself in the business of life, kids, work…. helpful hints to stay healthy and keep your family healthy and creative too!

Chapters include:
1. Know Thyself
2. Finding Your Life’s Purpose
3. Being a Mama
4. Your Moolah
5. Make It With Your Hands
6. Other Creative Outlets
7. Let the Good Times Roll
8. Your Body
9. What’s Going In? Nutrition
10. You Are So Beautiful
11. Keep the Crazies In Check

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When you go to the book’s website, you can listen to the interviews of 10 women featured in the book


Laura Hollick
How To Tap Into Your Essence Without Fear

Laura is an award winning artist and shaman. She is the creator of Soul Art® studio, a business devoted to guiding people to connect with their spirit and create a life and business that expresses it.  Her latest program is called nü paradigm business mentorship.


Harriet Tubman Wright
Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Harriet is a Certified Money, Marketing, and Soul™ Coach and her divine purpose is to facilitate conscious evolution within others and help co-create the emerging new world of infinite peace, prosperity and possibility, anchored in unconditional love and respect.


Natalie Hill
Using EFT To Ease Overwhelm

Natalie has been helping motivated women become more successful for the past seven years. She loves teaching, coaching and empowering others with energetic methods like EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Tapping), Matrix Reimprinting, and Energy Medicine.


Lisa May Simpson
Medium Well or Crispy?  How To Tell If You’re Burnt Out or Just Plain Tired (and what to do about it)

Life Coach Lisa partners with individuals and organizations who want to do more of what really matters.  Besides spotting and remedying burn out, she also specializes in making a big life decision, career options, program development, evaluation, and strategic planning.


Kelly Epperson
How To Live In Joy Everday

Kelly is a former IRS agent now an agent of joy.  She’s an Author/Speaker/Happiness Coach & Consultant.
Her programs include the Life Mastery Program: Joy Beyond Your Dreams and JOY A.D – after divorce, after death, after depression, which she guides her clients to healing, happiness, and humor.


Ellen Rusling, PhD.
Your Archetypes and How They Can Guide You

Ellen holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, a M.A. in Development, Learning and Instruction and is a graduate of the CMED Institute on Sacred Contracts.  Through the art of reading archetypal charts she guides her clients in the creative discernment of life’s tasks.  Her life’s work is exploring patterns of behavior and energy.


Nadine Artemis
Self-Dentistry: Radical Change To Your Toothpaste

Natalie is the owner of Living Libations an organic essential oil based skin care company, which has expanded into teaching others about the benefits of self-dentistry using essential oils not processed chemicals.  She’ll be discussing the benefits of Healthy Gum Drops.



Tamra Fleming
Yes To The Heart: Align with True Self

Tamra’s experience includes years of being a spiritual coach, life/business/executive coach but she is always fine-tuning her offerings to the world.  She guides her clients to listening within with confidence and with an open heart.  She helps to trust your inner wisdom.


Dr. Lea Goode-Harris
Understanding The Mystery of Labyrinths

Lea is  a creative consultant and designer of labyrinths and sacred places.  She strives through her art and creative consultations to assist people in finding beauty in their selves and surroundings, no matter where they are.


Sheri Oppenheimer
Holistic Approach to Eating Healthy

Sheri (on the left, with her mom on the right) is a Certified Health Coach and is the Co-Founder of the 100 Women Project, whose mission is to create a ripple effect of health and happiness around the world…one woman at a time.