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Special for Rebel U Students



You are here because you’ve made a commitment to improving your life.
Congrats!  I know it’s a big scary step.  But when you complete the course, you’ll never look back.
To help you out a little more, I’m offering a deeply discounted rate for a private session with me. The normal investment is $149.

But for you Rebels it’s only $97!

Rebel U special

STEP 1 – Pay with coupon code

Click here to go to the shop.  Then enter the coupon code in all caps:  REBELU 


STEP 2 – Schedule Your Appointment

Click here to schedule a session through my contact form.  My hours are 6-11pm weekdays and on Sundays 4-11pm and I’m in the eastern time zone (New York time zone).  The session takes about 1.5 hours and please try to have this be uninterrupted time.  I’ll be asking a lot of questions.

need help?  email me at gabriellejc at gmail dot com