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Webinar: The Secret to Your Success is Your Archetypes

Are you The King? The Warrior? The Storyteller? The Liberator?

headshot learnitlive2Hi, I’m Gabrielle and I’m an archetype consultant, expressive arts facilitator, and an author.
I also have a M.A. in expressive arts therapy.


I have a few questions for you:

  • Do you need to define your life’s purpose and understand your gifts?
  • Is your business floundering?
  • Could you use a branding makeover?
  • Do you really know your strengths and weakness?successful business woman with money
  • Would you flourish if you were in alignment with your energies?

Knowing your archetypes will give you all this and more.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can make confident decisions in your career, relationships, business and branding by knowing your guiding archetypes!

My two guests are:
Kelly Epperson of Birth That Book and we’ll chat about why her Performer and Comedian archetypes are essential for her business to thrive and the surprise about being The Princess
Will Mitchell of StartUp Bros and we’ll chat about his Entrepreneur and Rebel archetypes and also about being a 20-something King archetype

Kelly Will webinar

 When?  Tuesday April 9 at 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Where? click below 5 minutes before the start of the webinar




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Bonus #1

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You may be the winner of a private one-on-one session with Gabrielle to find your 8 guiding archetypes!
The session is about 90 minutes over skype or the phone.
Click here for more info


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Will and Kelly will be giving away generous must-have bonuses as well.  We’re keeping them a secret until the webinar but I promise you’ll be surprised and wowed!

All you need to do is click where it says, >>>>>Click Here to Enter Webinar<<<<< above on Tuesday April 9 at 6:30pm eastern time.

I found this time with Gabrielle so valuable. I learned a lot about what makes me tick and THRIVE. I subconsciously knew some of this without putting into words, but this time with Gabrielle allowed me to have a concrete definition of what I was feeling already. I will use this in my life going forward, personally and professionally.

Thanks a ton!
John from Vancouver

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I had the pleasure of encountering Gabrielle’s consulting work on archetypes. I understood what archetypes were prior to our work together, however I was not prepared at all for the amazing self-discoveries and affirmation I received by doing the work with her! In addition to identifying my core 8 archetypes specifically, it allowed me to really hone in on the energies that I came to embody in this life and insure that the career transition I was currently in the process of was on target. I highly recommend this work, even for those like me who consider themselves very clear on “who they are” already. I now can move forward in perfect balance and now have the clarity and vision to take my work to the next level!  Working with Gabrielle really allowed me bring everything that I do in service of others in perfect alignment with my own needs and the needs of those that I help.

Many Blessings,
CJ Martes

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It is an absolute pleasure working with Gabrielle. Her process of identifying my archetypes was easy and fun. Knowing what my archetypes are has helped me to identify my strengths and how I can best contribute to my business. This knowledge has also assured me that I am following the proper path in life and helped to explain certain behaviors and choices I have made and will make in the future.

Natalie Ledwell of Mind Movies